What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a part of the Salesforce CRM platform. Your company can get a picture of your customers in all different customer’s phases and get in touch with them individually & personalized. With the comprehensive Marketing Automation tool you can get a unified view of the customers from the different departments - marketing, sales, service.

In the Marketing Cloud, there are products that fall under four primary buckets. Depending on your Marketing Automation needs, you can combine different products in the Marketing Cloud:
Messaging and automation products let you create and manage marketing messages across multiple channels (Email Studio, Interaction Studio, Journey Builder & Mobile Studio).
Advertising and Data products allow your company to create specific audiences and combine the various data to achieve targeted marketing (Advertising Studio, Audience Studio & Data Studio). For social media management, there's the Social Studio: In Social Media, your company can track digital conversations, allowing you to interact directly with important conversations or publish important information directly.
With the measurement and analysis solutions, you can check which marketing activities work and which don't (Datorama & Google Analytics 360).


The user interface in the Marketing Cloud: Creating an automated flow with Journey Builder

Possibilities of the Marketing Cloud for Marketing Automation

  • Centralized data management through Salesforce CRM: The different departments can communicate with each other-at every Customer Touchpoint it's clear what interactions have already taken place between customer and company.
  • Personalization & analysis possibility: You can create individual customer journeys. This allows your company to standardize marketing campaigns across different digital channels and personalize them with personalization strings or dynamic content, for example. You can track & analyze the campaigns closely and then optimize them.
  • AI algorithm: You can better understand your customers' behavior & identify the most relevant leads.
  • API in the Marketing Cloud: The different products interact with each other through Marketing Cloud Connect, allowing information to be exchanged between the Marketing Cloud and the other Salesforce clouds.


The Marketing Cloud Conclusion:

The Marketing Cloud offers nearly everything you need for an automated and targeted marketing campaign through its various comprehensive products. Combined with Salesforce's CRM system, like the Sales or Service Cloud, there are countless other ways to automate marketing in all the different Channels. For bigger B2C Marketing Projects it is the best Tool.


The Marketing Cloud target audience:

B2C area, Salesforce as CRM

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