What is Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is the solution for e-mail marketing. It supports your company in customer relations and has an intuitive & user-friendly interface.
With Mailchimp you can create different possible types of marketing emails, set up automated messages, ads or postcards, create targeted advertising campaigns, set up ads for Facebook or Instagram, build small websites & landing pages, create surveys, share & track posts on social media, create a signup form and even send postcards to your customers. With the analysis options you can get to know your customers better and analyse the key figures of your marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Automation Tool has long been specialised in e-mail marketing & its automation. It is constantly being expanded with new features for Marketing Automation and can be used as a full marketing platform. In Mailchimp many other tools can be integrated. The Mailchimp-Dashboard is only available in English.

Mailchimp is now a complete marketing automation tool for small to medium sized companies

Mailchimp for your Marketing Automation

  •  Connect with your clients: For example, by sending welcome e-mails, happy birthday e-mails or information from your company. You can also send inactive customers e-mails about your latest products or other incentives to revive their interest in your campaigns or products.
  • Connect your shop to Mailchimp and create automations based on the purchase data: For example, you can set up reminders for abandoned online orders & encourage customers to return to your shop (so called abandoned cart). You can also include product recommendations in the e-mail & personalise the message. By tracking customer purchases, you can ask for product feedback or provide helpful information on how to use & maintain the products. You can also set up transactional messages to respond to your customers' behaviour (e.g. automatic shipping confirmation or thank you emails for a purchase).
  • Strengthen customer loyalty: e.g. by thanking new customers & offering possible discounts or showing your appreciation to your most loyal & affluent customers with special offers, vouchers & downloads.
  • Analysis with e-mail statistics & automation statistics: In it you can see your monthly performance with important key figures such as opening rates or click rates. If you have integrated a store into Mailchimp, you can also see the analysis of this data.


The Mailchimp Conclusion:

Mailchimp as the bedrock of newsletter marketing quickly jumps on the bandwagon of Marketing Automation and shows interesting possibilities for a successful start in its usual user-friendly manner.


Mailchimp Target audience:

E-Commerce, B2B, B2C, small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups 

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