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How can you use digital marketing to optimize your customer journey?

If you want to repair your bike, you need different tools, have different time available, and have a different budget than if you want to build a treehouse for your kids. It's exactly the same in digital marketing. Depending on the goal you are pursuing, the target groups you have and the experience (potential) customers can have with your company, you need different marketing tools in your toolbox.

To find the right measures in your digital marketing, 2 points are central:
  • You need to know what tools are available in digital marketing.
  • You need to know the experience that (potential) customers have with your company.

In this blog article, I will introduce you to various digital marketing tools based on a customer journey in E-commerce.
In order to find out your customers' experiences with your company, you need to set up a customer journey with the respective touchpoints. Different digital marketing measures are suitable for the different touchpoints. What customers basically do at every company is search or find - buy - use or make use of. It is important to be present at these points with digital marketing.

How a customer journey in E-commerce looks like

In this blog article, I present a possible customer journey in an e-commerce store. In the example, Lina decides to buy tea and becomes a loyal customer. The example has to be adapted & changed for your own business situation.


Lina and her friend are tea lovers, so Lina wants to give her an exclusive tea for her birthday. She enters "tea as a gift" in the Ecosia search engine and receives over a million search results. An engaging ad with a picture appears at the top. Lina looks at the organic search results on the first page and again sees the same tea store as in the ad. There is a preview of a blog article comparing different types of tea and their effects.

Lina clicks on the interesting blog article and lands on the website of In the blog article, two types of tea are presented, which sound very exciting to her. Lina clicks on the logo of to get to the start page. She wants to take a closer look at the different teas.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) & - advertising (SEA)
  • Social media
  • Social media advertising
  • Blog
  • Modern, responsive & attractive website
  • E-commerce store


Lina lands on the start page and can use various options here to get to the tea products:
  • On the start page, it has a search function that she can use to enter a tea term.
  • Via the main menu, Lina can select the desired subpage under the menu item "Shop">"Our teas".
  • If Lina has already visited the store once and her data is known to, relevant products can be displayed to her as recommendations on the start page.
  • Modern, responsive website with intuitive navigation & search function
  • Relevant products based on previous behavior
  • Product pages with the most common details about the product, images and other important information
  • Blog
  • Whitepaper
  • Newsletter subscription option
  • E-commerce store
  • Pop-up window with a discount for same-day purchase


Lina checks out an exclusive black tea on the product details page. Here she finds the usual information such as the price, the taste, the quantity and all other important data about the product. Here Lina also sees whether the tea can be delivered directly from stock and approximately how long the delivery time is.

Lina is convinced by the tea, as it is super suitable as a gift. However, she would like to look at a few more tea varieties. At the bottom she finds the two CTA buttons: "Add to cart" or "Add to wish list".
She adds the tea to the shopping cart list and looks at a few more products. Lina is excited about the selection, chooses another lemongrass tea and finally clicks on the shopping cart.

In the shopping cart, Lina goes through the ordering process. First, she has to fill in a form with her contact details, billing and delivery address, and select the desired payment method. She clicks on next and once again sees an overview of the entire order. For Lina, all the details are correct. At the bottom of the order overview, she sees the checkbox, "I would like to receive all the latest teas directly in my e-mail inbox in the future." Lina selects the checkbox and finally clicks on the "Complete order" button. She lands on a confirmation page that the order has been successfully completed.

  • Product pages with the most important CTAs
  • Shopping cart (with overview, most important payment service provider & thank you page)
  • Newsletter subscription option
  • Order confirmations & shipping confirmations
  • E-commerce store


As Lina always wants to be informed about the latest tea products, she selected the checkbox for the newsletter during the ordering process.

Lina has received the tea in the meantime and has already given it to her friend. A few months later, she once again receives an email with the new teas. She sees a Moroccan tea set in it. Lina wants to have a look at the tea set and clicks the button "To the Moroccan tea set" in the newsletter. She likes the tea set, and since her friend keeps raving about her tea gift, she orders the set for herself. In the shopping cart, her data is still saved from the last visit, which is why the whole ordering process is now much faster.

  • Newsletter with news and new products
  • Customer service for questions about invoices, deliveries & products
  • Campaigns with discounts
  • E-commerce store


After her last purchase, Lina receives an email with a survey asking her which teas she would like to see in the future or if she has any other feedback on the ordering process. She has some time on her hands, so she fills out the survey. After submitting the survey, Lina receives a 5% discount on her next purchase as a small thank you.

  • Newsletter with news and new products
  • Social media
  • Campaigns with loyalty points for recommendations
  • Surveys / feedback opportunities
  • E-commerce store


It is important to consider what (potential) customers experience in your company. To do this, you need to put yourself in your customers' shoes at every step of the customer journey. This is how you find the right tools from the digital marketing toolbox.

That's exactly what we do in the Digital Marketing Strategy workshop for half a day. Together we work out the most important target groups & personas, define the most relevant problems & associated goals, set up the customer journey with the respective touchpoints and crystallize the most suitable measures with possible automation.

Is this something for you and your company? Find out more in the description of the Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop.

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